CBM Qatar, June 22 2020

CBM Qatar Develops Mobile UV-C Room Sterilizer & Jockey Pump Counter

Innovative minds create wonders and increase efficiency. At CBM we have a culture of innovation whereby we strive to continually innovate in a wide variety of sectors, to deliver service excellence to our clients.

Project Innovation is an initiative where Project/Facilities managers propose improvement works for the projects they are managing. The main aim is to discover new opportunities allowing us to build better products and services for our clients. CBM Qatar has implemented 2 such improvements to project sites that were highly admired by their clients.

Mobile UV-C Room Sterilizer unit

Mobile UV-C Room Sterilizer

The Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has infected over 3 million people around the world. As the current situation is fluid and changing constantly, there was a need for CBM Qatar to adapt and innovate to provide continual support to its clients' working environment located in Al Jasra Tower.

As preventative measures set in, building owners were tasked to prevent and minimise the effects of the COVID-19 virus on their premises. The Al Jasra Tower's in-house team was unable to carry out the disinfection treatment due to the high cost incurred for each specialised treatment.

They countered the problem by devising their very own Mobile UV-C Room Sterilizer, where they can disinfect an entire room quickly and efficiently with the use of ultraviolet (UV) light.

The environmentally friendly lightweight device would be placed in the centre of a room and can sanitise airborne contaminants, odours, and surfaces that are exposed to the UV light. The sterilizer kills 99% bacteria and viruses by disrupting its protein structures. Covering an area up to 25 sqm, users can set a timer to automatically switch off the device after the desired disinfection treatment is over.

The Mobile UV-C Room Sterilizer took 6 man-hours to complete and a cost QAR 1000. The simple device can be used in offices, toilets, residential buildings, hotels, and even commercial kitchens. It allows the team to efficiently conduct disinfection services at a low operating cost without chemicals or ecological damage.  

Jockey Pump Monitoring Counter

Fire Fighting System's Jockey Pump

Creeping problems were identified in the Fire Fighting System’s Jockey Pump located on client’s premises. The main fire pumps were registered and logged in the fire alarm system. Therefore, the team was unable to track how many times the jockey pump was activated, tripped, or repeatedly turn on and off. Drop-in pressure was noticed on-site and it was suspected to be caused by leakage.

The jockey pump’s key role is to top up and maintain the sprinkler pipe’s pressure within a specific range when there isn’t fire so that the sprinklers won't go off randomly. The team needed to be able to track the jockey pump’s activities, which would allow them to foresee future problems.

DIY Jockey Pump Counter

The solution was to install a jockey pump running counter to record the number of pump operations. Under normal circumstances, it should only run 2 or 3 times within 24 hours. This simple device has helped to provide activation data and great insights into the activities of the jockey pump. With this low-cost installation, the team is now able to identify the sudden spikes which triggered the activations of the jockey pumps and pre-emptively address any potential issues with the fire-fighting system. The counter system has allowed the team to visualize and rectify minor problems early on and indirectly increasing the life span of the jockey pumps.

CBM Qatar has shown that a little bit of ingenuity goes a long way in solving significant challenges in the work environment.

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