CBM Pte Ltd, June 20 2019

Inaugural CBM Qatar Sports Day 

Doha is relatively HOT! Especially during the summer months where temperatures sometime crosses the 50° mark. So, before the summer heat kicks in, the management team in CBM Qatar (CBMQ) decided to organize a CBMQ Sports Day, a fun-filled event where everyone, especially the non-sports players, can also participate.

The evening was a huge success with staff members enjoying themselves through endless fun and laughter. Participants were split into teams as they took part in various entertaining challenges to test their teamwork, trust and camaraderie. A total of 5 special awards were given out at the end of the night. The most popular awards which roused the crowd into craziness and uncontrolled bouts of laughter were the “Most Noisy Award” and “Most Confused Team Award”.

Everyone went home a winner that day, as each team received a prize. The overall games winning team walked away with an additional mega food hamper!

The event would not have been possible without the cooperation of the managerial team in CBMQ. Their commitment and effort to make this Sports Day a huge success will, hopefully, spark a desire for more such community events in the future and bring the CBMQ team closer in their work place.

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