Saving man-hours with the use of technology

CBM Pte Ltd, August 1 2018

With the rise of technology and a significant shift in how the industry speaks about innovation, CBM’s Environmental Division recently acquired the iScrubbot 300. An autonomous machine, the robot can be pre-set to any required settings according to the location it is placed at and would not require anyone to be present to monitor or operate it.The...

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CBM co-organizes Assisi Hospice Fun Day 2018

CBM Pte Ltd, June 6 2018

Over 120 CBM volunteers gave up the better parts of their weekends to help with logistics, maintaining order & ensuring that the cleanliness of the premises. Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education was the Guest of Honour for the event. Both he and Mdm Ho Ching, Patron of Assisi Hospice graced the event with their presence.

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Memorandum of Understanding for employment of PWIDs signed between MINDS & Systematic Laundry

CBM Pte Ltd, June 4 2018

Giving back to our society means much more than just donations, be it in cash or in kind. More than that, it is the act of enabling them to engage with our society.  Persons with Intellectual Disability (PWIDs) have difficulty getting and maintaining employment as they are stigmatised by society to be ‘unfit for work’. Systematic Holdings, however...

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