CBM is committed to maintaining a  safe workplace  and places high importance on the health  and safety  of its employees, partners, contractors,  sub-contractors and suppliers. Our company's operations are carried out, as reasonably practicable, in order that the health, safety and conditions on any person or property will not be adversely affected.

Health and Safety management is an integral part of the company's operations and activities and it is the role of all personnel, from the most senior management to the newest hire, to ensure that this is in place. We provide training to all employees when they join to ensure that they have the desire and that they are fully equipped to create a safe and healthy working environment.

As a result to this commitment, CBM received the Singapore Health Award from 2003 to 2006 and has also received the certification of Safety Management among others. At CBM, we are committed to acting responsibly, as benevolently as possible, with regard to the people who work for us and the people we come into contact with.

As a leader in the business, we recognise the role that we can perform to help minimise the impact of the industry on the environment. We are mindful of the way we run our business and in the services we provide and conscientiously manage issues such as climate change, biodiversity, landscape management and waste management in ways that are more environmentally-sustainable and would impact the environment minimally.

As advocates of sustainable procurement, we constantly look to integrate new and improved innovative service solutions. From technology to new work processes, we ensure that we do our part in reducing our environmental effects. Our commitment is demonstrated through the environmental initiatives of our Eco Committee and our eco-friendly policies and guidelines. In recognition of our efforts, we were awarded the Eco-Office certification by the Singapore Environment Council.


Safety And Health


CBM has been a firm advocate of corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability since 2005 and supports the National Environment Agency’s Corporate and School Partnership (CASP) programme under the Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) campaign. Through this programme we provide support to students from Balestier Hill Primary School with the hope of encouraging our youth to care for and protect our living environment by adopting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Making a positive and long-term impact on people nestle in the heart of CBM staff. We believe that everything we do affect the people and communities around us. As part of the larger Hong Leong Group of Companies, we encourage camaraderie with colleagues from our sister companies to foster better working relationships.

We also reach out to assist the less fortunate in our society by supporting food distribution programmes to the elderly and lending a hand to local charities such as Assisi Hospice and Arc Children's Centre.



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